about me

Shai Hendrix (pronounced "shy")

I am a 28 year old self taught full time artist in Huntington Beach, California. Ever since i can remember I've been doodling and drawing and i am the only artist in my family. I haven’t always seen a future for myself as i had a messy childhood and i made my way into the wrong crowd and battled with addiction and depression. I have truly been saved by art. It wasn't until 5 or 6  years ago i decided i wanted to take art more seriously. Art has always been there for me and made me feel better, i have used it as an outlet most of my life. I have always been into bright contrasting colors, drawing shapes and faces. Recently i’ve been inspired by the beauty of the female body and self love, and have been incorporating that into my art. Other than that, i just like creating weird sh*t that only i will truly understand and others can interpret however they’d like. I’m working each and everyday at my art and products, packaging and shipping orders out at least once a week, and meeting all the goals i’ve been setting for myself. This is the first time in my life i’ve ever really been proud of myself and excited for my future. I hope to inspire others and have so many ideas i hope to bring to life. 


thank you for taking your time to look through my website, and my he(ART).
If you’re reading this I love you! I appreciate every ounce of support