Collection: commissions

standard commissions
drawing on 4.5x6 inch thick mixed media paper (size close to half a sheet of reg paper) $65. choose your color and theme preferences 
digital commissions 
digital drawing emailed for $65 or printed on 8.5x11 inch print paper for $75. choose your color and theme preferences, dm me for any other details before ordering
canvas commissions 
painting on 8x10 inch ($200) or 11x14 inch ($300) inch canvas. choose your color and theme preferences. If you are interested in a larger canvas size, please dm me via instagram or twitter for more information. 
tattoo commissions 
custom tattoo designs (outlines only) $75 please reach out to me before purchasing so i can approve the concept of the drawing 
when purchasing any of the 4 commission options please write your @ name in the comments at checkout so i can message you there to receive the photos, collect color & theme preferences or any other details, and send updates along the way. to see examples of each commission type, click on each listing below. feel free to contact me with any further questions.